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Tearrific Blog - News, Recipes, and other Noteworthy Tea Tidbits!

5 Ways to Enjoy Tea When It's Hot Outside

by Samantha Cross
It's getting hot, hot, hot!  Nice weather and plenty of sunshine shouldn't stop you from enjoying your favourite beverage, but very few people want...

All the Antioxidants! Berry Green Tea Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl

by Samantha Cross
I'll let you in on my dirty little secret: I don't actually like unflavoured green tea very much. I know, I know, I own a tea company, but everyone...

The Dangers of Sun Tea and Great Iced Tea Alternatives!

by Samantha Cross
June is Iced Tea Month! To celebrate, we'll be featuring some of our favourite iced tea ideas on our social media accounts and blog. Be sure to fol...

The Easiest Ways to Bake With Your Favourite Tea

by Samantha Cross

Tea can add a fantastic depth of flavour and richness to your baked goods. If you're having a tea party or hosting an afternoon tea bridal shower, making tea-infused goodies is a great way to further highlight your theme.

But how do you get the tea flavour into your baking?

Easy Stovetop Apple Cider For Two

by Samantha Cross
I don't always have the ingredients on hand to make apple cider, but it was so cold and gloomy this weekend that I was craving it! Many of the appl...