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Gifts For Your Favourite Tea Lover... that (mostly) aren't more tea!

by Samantha Cross
Shopping for great gifts is hard! We've put together a small list of suggestions for stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, and host and hostess treat...

10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Surprise Your Partner

by Samantha Cross
Whether your partner is your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, or husband or wife, chances are they loves surprises. Even more than surprises, they lo...

Easy Stovetop Apple Cider For Two

by Samantha Cross
I don't always have the ingredients on hand to make apple cider, but it was so cold and gloomy this weekend that I was craving it! Many of the appl...

"Fall" in Love: Planning an Autumn Bridal Shower

by Samantha Cross
Fall may mean that winter is almost here (if you live in the Great White North like I do), but it also means chilly mornings, crisp leaves, and cut...

Event Core

by Samantha Cross
We are proud to be a member of a new initiative called Event Core! Event Core is a community of event professionals dedicated to working together ...