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"Fall" in Love: Planning an Autumn Bridal Shower

Fall may mean that winter is almost here (if you live in the Great White North like I do), but it also means chilly mornings, crisp leaves, and cute boots. I love fall and have put together some ideas for planning a fall bridal shower for your favourite bride-to-be!

Food & Drink

Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find recipes and inspiration for delicious food. Here are some fall-inspired recipes I've collected recently that would be great for a bridal shower!

Mini Pumpkin Loaves from Taming Twins

Autumn Leaf Cheese Platter from The Yummy Life

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles from Valerie's Kitchen

Caramel Apple Dip from Mom on TimeOut

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Six Ways from Back to Her Roots

Some tips:

  • To make life easier on the person hosting, delegate recipes or categories (e.g., dessert, appetizer) to friends and family of the bride. They'll be happy to help, and it will be a lot off your plate (pun intended) if you're the one hosting!
  • Plan your party in the afternoon and stick to finger foods. This reduces the amount of work required to feed your guests, and the number of dishes you'll have to do afterwards!
  • Don't forget fun drinks! Apple cider, tea (of course), or hot chocolate are all great options for a fall-themed bridal shower. You could even go one step further and create a hot chocolate bar with fun toppings and mix-ins.

Looking for some other fun fall recipes for your bridal shower? Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to autumn food.


Fall itself provides a great palette of colours for your decorations. Use red, orange, and yellow, and decorate with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, burlap, mason jars, and branches.

From Elegant Wedding Invites

From One Stop Party Ideas

From Party Love

From The Perfect Palette

From DecorEnvy

Autumn-themed Loose Leaf Tea Favours from Tearrific

Fall is such a beautiful time of year to get cozy! Offering favours related to your cozy theme, such as tins of tea, a DIY hot cocoa bar, or homemade cookies are a great addition to your party.


To follow your fall theme, what about adding these fun activities to the usual bridal shower agenda?

  • Apple bobbing - Put a bunch of apples in a big bucket. Each guest has to try to bite an apple and pull it out of the water with her teeth without using her hands!
  • Advice tree - Have an arty member of the bridal party draw a scraggly, leaf-less tree shape on a large piece of paper. Tape it up onto a wall or lay it out on a table. Cut out leaves from colourful paper and ask each guest to write some advice for the bride and groom on a leaf before sticking it to the tree with a glue stick or tape.
  • Create a mug - Using plain white porcelain mugs and porcelain pens, all of the guests can design and create their own mug to hold their favourite hot drinks all season long. For more information on creating your own mugs, visit this website. These mugs double as memorable favours from the party!

Looking for more fun party ideas? Check out our boards on Pinterest for inspiration for your next event!