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Gifts For Your Favourite Tea Lover... that (mostly) aren't more tea!

Shopping for great gifts is hard! We've put together a small list of suggestions for stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, and host and hostess treats for your favourite tea fans to help you out! Most diehard tea drinkers have the basics covered (e.g., their huge collection of mugs and tea pots) so we've tried to think outside the box.

These suggestions are grouped by what you might use them for, however I'd be pretty stoked to find a bottle of Owl's Brew in my stocking!

Stocking Stuffers ($15 or under)

Mister Tea!A tea strainer may seem like a lame gift, but there are so many cute and creative strainers available now! This Mr. Tea infuser looks like a guy chilling in a hot tub (or a hot mug). Another great option is biodegradable tea bags or filters. We use these filters on The Tea Wagon and they are so convenient for the office or on the go. 

Sample tins are another great way to give several kinds of teas without having to pick just one. Lots of tea shops sell smaller, sample-sized packages of their tea, often in variety packs. You don't have to give the variety pack in its entirety to one person - you could cut it open yourself and divide it up as stocking stuffers!

Flowering teas are awesome to watch, especially if your tea-loving friend owns a glass tea pot. The leaves are packed tight around each other and appear to 'bloom' when you add hot water. Flowering teas are available at lots of tea shops - check out your favourite local spot to see if they have any in stock!

You can make stocking stuffers too. What about crocheting a cup holder for the friend that picks up a Starbucks every morning? Or putting together a box of your favourite pre-packaged teas with a customized label? You could also make a little box for your friend to carry their favourite teas around with them. If they are like me, they take their tea on holiday with them! Here are some instructions for making your own.

Gifts (over $15)

Did you know that Canada has a few local tea subscription boxes? Tea Sparrow and Amoda Tea are both located in Vancouver and send out a box of yummy tea on a monthly basis. You can buy a single box for a friend for $20-25! We all tend to stick with our favourite teas or flavours, so this is a cool way to try a new brew!

I love gravity steepers. We use the ones from Brewt. Made with non-toxic, BPA-free polymer, these steepers let your tea leaves swirl around as they steep. The more space your tea has when it's brewing, the better flavour your tea will have. Place the steeper over a mug and let gravity do its thing to enjoy your tea without having to strain it first!

Depending on your budget, you could book your friend in for afternoon tea at a local hotel or restaurant. It would be even better if you joined them! So many places offer wonderful afternoon snacks to go along with your cuppa, ranging from unique finger foods to traditional cream tea. A quick Google should provide you with a list of places to check out! My favourite is the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary.

Host & Hostess Treats

Owl's Brew makes tea cocktail bases. Yes, really! They have a book of recipes out as well. These bottles of awesome are available in Canada at several locations, including Indigo.

Have you ever tried tea-infused chocolate? David's Tea offers several treats that feature their teas, and your local chocolate shop might as well. The right tea can be a great compliment to chocolate!

Funky sugar is another cool idea for a hostess gift. You can buy sugar shaped like doilies, coloured sugar, and exotic or flavoured sugar or honey. Yum!

You can also bake your own goodies for a friend or hostess. The internet is filled with recipes for tea-time treats, and also cookies and cakes infused with tea. To add tea to almost any recipe, infuse the butter you will be using with tea leaves. Melt it gently on your stove with a few tablespoons of your favourite tea, strain, and then chill before using in your recipe. You can also grind up your favourite tea leaves into a fine dust and add it directly to the flour or other dry ingredients, like these Downton Abbey Earl Grey Cookies from Sugar and Soul.
We hope these suggestions have provided you with some ideas for your tea-loving friends. Of course, we still support the idea of buying them some of our delicious loose leaf teas if they haven't tried them before! :)

Happy Holidays!