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Spiced Chai

"Chai" means "tea", so our Spiced Tea is a not-so-traditional Indian chai (which often contains ingredients like ginger and cloves as well). Spicy without being too peppery, this tea is delicious with sugar and milk if you are looking for a more authentic Chai experience.

Chai is the perfect winter drink. Imagine wrapping your hands around a huge mug of steaming, spicy, warming chai in front of a roaring fireplace and you'll see what I mean. Sometimes winter isn't so bad when you have a tea like this to keep you company.

Available in 50g (approximately 12-15 servings) and 200g. Save 15% when you order your favourite tea in our 200g pouches.

Ingredients: black tea, coriander, cumin, sweet fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, curry and lemongrass leaves.

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