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Let Love Bloom Flowering Tea Favours

Add some spring to your wedding with flowering tea favours! These little balls of compressed tea turn into a beautiful flower when placed in a tea pot of boiling water. Each flower makes one pot of tea. Adorned with a cute, personalizable "Let Love Bloom" label with a tea pot shape, your guests will think these are absolutely adorable and enjoy watching them flower once they get home.

Flowering tea balls are approximately the size of a quarter but much thicker. They weigh about 3-4g each, the same as a standard serving of premium loose leaf tea. Each ball is created from green tea and flower petals.

Labels are personalized with your names and wedding colours. The clear packaging is biodegradable and can be composted, as - of course - can the tea when your guests are finished steeping it. Our flowering tea favours are an eco-friendly choice.

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